By clicking our Official's tab you have just completed the most difficult requirement of becoming an OFFICIAL!!

To become an Official, no previous experience is required.  In fact, you don't even have to have a swimming background yourself.  Enjoyment from watching our kids swim competitively is the only prerequisite..... 


Here are a few great reasons to become a WSY Swimming Official:

1. Being on deck at swim meets gives you the best "seat " at the meet

2. Learn and understand the subtleties of the sport: stroke technique, meet preparations & procedures

3. Free Heat Sheet

4. Fun way to volunteer at swim meets

5. Training is self-paced; materials provided with reimbursement of any certification fees

6. Rewarding way to get involved

7. Opportunity to officiate at away meets

8. Our "apprentice" approach will give you ample opportunity to partner-on-deck with an experienced official.  You decide when you're ready to officiate "solo".



Ready to move forward?


It's EASY:


Step 1)

Registering for a YMCA Officials Training (Level I will be at West Shore YMCA on Saturday, September 22nd at 8:30am).  Level 1 sign up is here

Those of you that have been Level I for a period of one (1) year, and have worked a minimum of eight sessions can then register for Level II which will be taught at West Shore YMCA on West Shore YMCA on Saturday, September 22nd at 12noon-4pm  Level 2 Sign up is here


Step 2)

Register yourself on the YMCA Swimming link below:  This is necessary as you will be taking the test from this site

YMCA Swimming Registration

The on-line Official's Certification Test - If you are a new official, you must take Level I.  After you are a Level 1 Officials for a period of one year, you may then advance to Level II.  A candidate for a Level II official "must have been a fully Certified YMCA Level I Official for at least one year, have worked a minimum of eight sessions as a YMCA Certified Official and present a completed Record of Meet Experience form evidencing such sessions worked.  In addition, as with Level I officials, the candidate must be at least 21 years old and be associated with a local YMCA sponsored swim team."

Recertification - In order to qualify to re-certify, an official must have worked at least twelve (12) sessions over the three-year certification period. (A session is defined as a either dual meet or a session at an invitational or championship meet.) This form can be used to document the sessions worked. It should be completed for each session and signed by the Referee. It must then be presented to the instructor at the re-certification clinic


AFTER you take the actual YMCA Officials training class and take the test, you will need to do the following



Step 3)

Register yourself on the USA Swimming link below

Create an online account with USA Swimming. Click on "Sign In" at the upper right corner, then follow the links to "Create an Account."  This will allow you to complete the Athlete Protection Training and the online certification tests.  It will also allow you to track your activity and certification cards. 

Fill out the USA Swimming Non-Athlete Registration (WSY will pay this fee for you).  Return this form on the day of the class.

Initiate a USA Swimming Background check (WSY will reimburse you for this)

Take the USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training (this is free)




Want more information, or have some specific questions about officiating?  Email Toni Chase, YMCA Officials Trainer